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The Campbell and Whitaker Family
Michelle, Crystal, Mike, Sharon, Bill and Eva
(left to right)
History of Tozier's Restaurant
  Rood's Ice Cream Stand was established in 1938 by George Rood and his family. In the 1940's they added cabins and a dining room to capture the increasing tourist trade. Two orphaned black bear cubs were the main attraction and were used to attract visitors to the business.
  In 1946 the property was purchased by Rip and Gwen Tozier. They expanded the dining room and added a window service. Rip and Gwen began a food service that remains a tradition today. Items still featured include Fresh Ipswich Seafood, Tozier's Lobster Salad Rolls, and New England Clam Chowder.
  The Carroll and Helen Burns family of Boston purchased the business in 1969, and operated the restaurant and window service until their daughter Kerry and husband Keith took over in 1984. They ran the business for 20 years, embracing the time honored traditions the Tozier's established.
  In March of 2005, Tozier's Restaurant was bought by our family, the Campbells. We vowed to continue the Tozier philosophy with fresh food, friendly staff, and a nostalgic atmosphere that our customers remember from decades ago. We have succeeded in remaining true to the original values set in place and we continue to implement new fresh menu items and provide top of the line friendly customer service. We are thrilled to continue to work with all of our family members and great staff who have been with us for years. 
  Tozier's restaurant will remain a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike in the White River Valley.

The LaFrance's (Auntie and Family)
Brett, Bill, Auntie, Jacob, Tara, Zachary, Sarah and Sharon 
(left to right)
Bill Campbell 

Before the Campbells bought Tozier’s in 2005, Bill was in the building business where he did remodeling and new home construction for 32 years. He moved to Bethel at the age of eleven after living all over the world, traveling from army post to army post. When Bill was 15, he worked as a dishwasher for the original owners of Tozier’s! Buying the restaurant has been a complete life change. He enjoys visiting with guests, cooking, planning, the constant education, and cleaning the creemie machine, and Bill is certified by the Northeast Big Buck Club to score white-tail deer. Hobbies include hunting, photography, Eskimo doll collecting, and woodworking.​

Sharon Campbell 

Sharon’s family owned a seasonal seafood restaurant in Provincetown, on Cape Cod called the Lobster Pot. After they closed the restaurant, the family wintered in Vermont. Most of our recipes evolved from her family’s business. Sharon enjoyed being a homemaker and mother, but when the kids got older, she started a house-cleaning service. Sharon worked at this until 2005 when the Campbells purchased Tozier’s. She is responsible for all the home-cooking; rolls, pies, and turkey dinners, to name a few. Sharon is our bookkeeper and keeps us out of bankruptcy.

Crystal Whitaker

Crystal is with us part-time now as opportunity knocked for her at Gifford Hospital where she has taken a position in the Human Resources Department. She is involved with their day-to-day operations, but she's here on weekends and some evenings to give Sharon and Bill a break. Crystal graduated from Trinity College in Burlington with a four-year business degree. She provides insight and management skills to the restaurant. She worked for Wilson's Diner for eight years throughout high school and college and is no stranger to customer service.

Crystal is married to Mike Whitaker and they graced the family with Eva Rose Whitaker on April 11, 2012.

Michelle Campbell

​Michelle currently works full-time for HCRS as the Benefits and Wellness Coordinator. She worked for the Collins family at Tozier's for eight years through high school and college. She graduated from Paul Smith's College in upstate New York with a two-year hospitality degree and a four-year business degree. She is with us part-time and brings exceptional creativity and customer service skills. She also helps handle the day to day marketing efforts for the restaurant. 

​Michelle has a passion for animals, especially her pups Ruby and Max. 
Tanya LaFrance

Tanya (Auntie) is Sharon's sister. She also grew up in the family seafood business on Cape Cod. She is our right arm. She maintains our level of service that we are proud of. Tanya has worked for various private and public businesses and agencies, working in human resources for 30 years. She is one of the face of Tozier's and the restaurant is fortunate to have her. 

With Auntie comes Brett who has been a huge factor in the technological advancements of Toziers, i.e. - music, microphone system and POS!

Holly Ketchum

Holly has been here for 26 years. She was part of the package when the Campbells bought Tozier's. She grew up here and graduated from Vermont Technical College's LPN program. She is continuing education to become a Laboratory Technician. She is that imaginative member of our team who is always concocting something new (and occasionally interesting) to share with our guests. She brings humor and entertainment to our business and light-heartedness when we are busy and stressed out. Holly helps to keep us grounded.
Eva Rose Whitaker

Eva Rose was born opening day of Tozier's 2012 season, on April 11th in the early morning hours. From that very moment our lives have been blessed.  Eva has spent the last five seasons being part of the restaurant.  She helps her mimi with her "book work" and most recently has started baking with her mimi. Be careful when you preheat your oven because you never know what you will find.  Eva enjoys daily Kabota rides with her papa, where they sometimes relax at the Tozier's beach (pictured right). She also enjoys never ending creemies! You may hear her from time to time entertaining our window service guests with her singing into the microphone. Our guests are overjoyed to see our youngest member grow over each season.  She truly is a joy to our live
Our Staff

Our staff is the reason Tozier's is a huge success.  We are fortunate to employ a great group of women and men who come to work with a smile on their face and a positive attitude.  We are thankful for all the hard work and dedication they contribute. We have employed some of our staff for all 10 years we have been operating.  Others have joined our team along the way.  We are graced each year with new faces.  To all of you, a huge THANKS for all you do!